We Are Subco

Co-Founders of Subco – Britney and Isabella

I started writing articles back in January 2016 about starting a business. 

The idea for the blog came to me a few months before I even created this blog, during that phase when you don’t know where to start, and all you do is read (yes, #girlboss and Lean Start Up are on my shelf), hang out on the internet, and go to entrepreneur meetings the firm intention of telling anyone who will listen that you’re going to launch, soon. 

From this first phase, I wanted to keep track of each small step in written form, and especially to my great surprise, my frantic search for examples – female – in entrepreneurship who express themselves without filter or posture had given absolutely nothing. Of course, I couldn’t publish the raw, hard facts in real time, or else I would totally discredit myself in the eyes (in my imagination at least) of the world. 

In a year and a half, the start-up world has made a giant leap, and there are now hundreds of blog posts, books, seminars on start-ups, strategies, advice, failures, … (written mostly by men, by the way). Hope you will enjoy this one!

– Isabella, co-founder of Subco