Network Diversity

Omantel’s Subco Network

Subco network

The Subco network is an important part of Omantel’s connectivity strategy. It will offer high-speed connectivity from Muscat to its points of presence in Europe, as well as to the Oman Australia Cable (OAC), a 10,000km cable between Muscat, Oman and Pert, Australia. It is expected to enter service in July 2022.

Subco technologies and APIs

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Omantel’s subsea network

Omantel is the national operator of Oman and the largest wholesale carrier in the Middle East. In order to build a new subsea cable to connect the Middle East, it partnered with Xtera Communications, a leading provider of high-capacity optical transport solutions. The new submarine cable will connect Salalah, Oman, to Bosaso, Puntland, and Berbera, Somaliland, as well as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Omantel has invested in a network of 20 subsea cable systems around the world. This network is capable of reaching over 120 global cities. The company’s international network includes the AAE-1 submarine cable, which is one of the largest systems of its kind. Additionally, the company’s International Network Operation Centre (INOC) is designed to cater to the needs of today’s content-centric market.

Omantel’s network is supported by a range of cloud and content providers based in Oman. It also has a number of hubs in the Middle East, which will support the G2A system. The company is also leveraging Ciena WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) programmable 800G technology to provide a significant performance improvement. The WL5e technology doubles wavelength capacity and reduces space/power requirements. It also features a Ciena Manage, Control, and Plan domain controller.

Omantel’s subsea networks are being tapped to deliver ultra-high-capacity connectivity between Muscat and SUBCO’s PoPs in Europe. The company plans to enter service with the OAC in July 2022.

Fleet Aust Subco Pty Limited

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