Connecting the Omantel and Subco Network

Subco network

Omantel and Subco have announced an agreement to share high-capacity connectivity between Muscat and their European points of presence (PoPs). Through this deal, Omantel will deliver connectivity from Muscat to Subco’s European PoPs. In addition, the two companies will connect each other’s PoPs to the Oman Australia Cable (OAC) – a 10,000-km cable between Muscat and Pert, Australia, scheduled to enter service in July 2022.


Subco offers a range of network technologies and services to companies, including local supply and management services. Their Ethernet solutions provide end-to-end managed capacity and service interfaces. They also guarantee bandwidth for the duration of the contract. Their products provide businesses with a wealth of data for monitoring equipment, pipelines, and tanks.


The Subco network provides APIs for many of its services, including payments, customer support, and more. Developers can make use of these services to offer new services to existing customers and reach new markets. APIs are flexible and can drive digital transformation for businesses. Consider Stripe, which started with seven lines of code and has since partnered with some of the largest enterprises in the world. Today, the company offers a range of services, including corporate cards and loans. Its recent valuation was estimated at USD 36 billion.

APIs can be public or private. A public API is open to anyone to use, while a private API is private to the company. An API can be synchronous or asynchronous, depending on how you want it to operate. A synchronous API blocks the calling thread while waiting for the code to complete, while an asynchronous API sends an asynchronous reply.

Business model

A business model is vital for a new venture. It outlines different revenue streams, as well as the costs and potential earnings of the business. It also includes key metrics, such as the amount of money required to acquire a new customer and the likelihood of repeat business. The size of the potential customer base is also important.

Every business makes a plan to maximize profits. Its business model is the blueprint it uses to determine what products to sell, and what markets to target. It also helps determine marketing strategies and revenue projections.

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